PHR Idols Foxy Hawk

(First Knights Billy Idol x LM Hawks Funnyface)
AMHA# A224604
AMHR# Pending
DOB: 4/06/15


In foal to Alliance Unforgettable Momentum for 2019

TX Angels Momentums Right On Target

(Alliance Unforgettable Momentum x Alliance Majestic Model)
AMHA# A225922
AMHR# 335407T
DOB: 6/10/16


Driving Futurity Nominated

TX Angels Grands Dreamers Dream

(Alliance Unforgettably Grand x Alliance Fascinating Dream)
AMHA# A225923
AMHR# 335405T
DOB: 4/23/15


In foal to Little Kings Buckeroo Zodiac for 2019

Texas Angels Grands Danny Girl

(Alliance Unforgettably Grand x Alliance Majestic Model)
AMHA# A218670
AMHR# 326443T
DOB: 4/1/14


In foal to JC's Jo-Co's Lil'Admiral for 2019

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Alliance Zodiacs Q Tip

(Little Kings Buckeroo Zodiac x Fallen Ash Scouts Black Gold)
AMHA# A186367
AMHR# 313874A
DOB: 4/16/2008


Foaled a buckskin colt in 2018 by Alliance Boleros Chico

Texas Angels Bolero Rosa del Sol
(SMO Bolero De Suerte x LM Hawks Gypsey Rose)
AMHA# A 218671
AMHR# 326363T
Futurity Nominated
DOB: 1/19/14


    2016 AMHA World Show Top 10
  • Two-Year-Old Mares over 31” to 33”
  • Solid Colored Mares
  • Amateur Junior Mares Level 2 - Over30” to 33”

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Texas Angels Zodiacs Sweet Serenity

(Little Kings Buckeroo Zodiac x Fallen Ash Farms Rangers Arabesque)

DOB: 01/14/2012
AMHA# A 212580
AMHR# 318439T


Foaled a pinto colt by Alliance Unforgettable Momentum


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LM Hawks Gypsey Rose

(Champion Farms Nighthawk x Flying W Farms Blues Irish Rose LC)

DOB: 05/26/2001
AMHA# A 123950
AMHR# 277604A


Foaled a sorreal colt by Alliance Boleros Chico


Alliance Joyful Noise

(Daysprings Neighborhood Joyride x HSF Serendipity)

DOB: 03/03/2012
AMHA# A 210932
AMHR# 321478T

2016 Reserve Grand Champion Classic Pleasure Driving Horse
2012 Multi color World Reserve Champion


In foal to Alliance Unforgettably Grand for 2019

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Blue Ribbon Bacca Roo Fantasy

(Blue Ribbon Mr Bacca Roo x Marks Bodacious Enchantress)

DOB: 05/13/2011
AMHA# A 208776
AMHR# 325764T

Top 10 in 2013


Foaled a chestnut colt by Alliance Boleros Chico


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Alliance Frosted Fire

( Little Kings All Fired Up Buck x Alliance Fine Fashion)

Sorrel Appaloosa
AMHA# 200347

AMHR# 305084T

DOB: 04/29/2010


In foal to Boleros Chico

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Texas Angels Code Blonde
(Alliance Code Red x Majolica Woodys Pretty Woman)
AMHA# A 200360
AMHR# 305974T
DOB: 04/10/2010

2011 Honor Roll Winner

Top 10 World Champion


In foal to Lowerys NFCS Nashville for 2019


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Brewers Orion Ballerina
(Orion Light Vant Huttenest x Yokohama Bird Vant Huttenest)
AMHA# A 50364
AMHR# 254018A
DOB: 06/08/1992


Fallen Ash Farms Rangers Arabesque
(Roan Ranger x Lindale Arabian Speed Queen)
AMHA# A 59640
AMHR# 254021A
DOB: 05/20/1994


Majolica Woodys Pretty Woman
(Little Kings Leatherwood Buckeroo x Alliance Tender Envy)
AMHA# 148765
AMHR# 254032A
DOB: 05/10/2003


Foaled a palomino colt by Alliance Unforgettably Grand